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Scanned film – Lightning

Lightning at the old Union Station in Denver, Colorado

I have been spending a LOT of time scanning old film. Some are as old as 45 years old (guessing). Some may be older, if I come across some legacy film from parents and grandparents. But most are mine.

I started out as a hobbyist photographer and got a lot more serious as time went on. 
But I wanted to give you some history on a few of the new additions to my fine art.

As shown here, these were taken down at Union Station in Denver way back before the addition of light rail. The main building was there but it was more of an old-style train station back then. I can’t give you exact dates but my guess is the early eighties, maybe late seventies. Since I am a native of Denver I get people asking me if I think Denver has changed a lot. Oh yeah! This is a small example.

In the shot below you can see the number 1 on the column lit up. That was me with my big flashlight to add a point of interest to the scene. One of my earliest light painting experiences. For you shutterbugs, this was shot using Fuji Velvia using the Mamiya RB67 on a tripod with cable shutter release. 

You can purchase a print of this and more here.