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I know I’ve not sent out a newsletter in a VERY LONG TIME, But I am going to change that. I have a new theme for it, which may not be the most original one but it fits my style in a lot of instances. Wait for it…


For those who immediately went to the idea of gun control, NO. Shoot is common photographic slang for taking a picture. Simple as that. 

Why this theme? When I do nature, wildlife, or live music photography, I tend to spot something happening and grab images not worrying about all the technical stuff other than my exposure. That has to be right or the question will be “Are you stupid?”. When I get the photos back to my computer then I start asking questions. “Is this in focus, does it capture a moment or emotion, can I make the focal point stand out enough that other people will see what I do?”. There are a lot more of that type of questions but you get the idea. If you take photos and don’t ask yourself questions, before or after, then you might try it and see if it adds to your experience.