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AURA – Abstract Art

AURA Aura is an abstract glimpse into the soul using a camera and various light sources. What you see was captured in the camera and

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Quarantine Rubik

Saw my teenagers playing with a Rubik’s cube and the gears starting turning. When the fog disappeared a very short photo essay became clear. I

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I See the World as Art

Fine Art PhotographyI create images as a way to bring light into a room, trigger an emotion, spark a memory, or bring a smile to your life. 

My style is eclectic. When something catches my eye I photograph it. Then I look it over from different angles sometimes finding a better composition than my initial capture. It’s all about seeing the art that is right in front of you. Look close, step back, move around. It’s all there for you and I do my best to share it with you. Man-made or created by nature in it’s glory, there is beauty in everything, everywhere.

But more important, how does art make you feel?

I love to experiment and document the world we see and the world we might see. I view the world as art which means art is everywhere. The potential for art is everywhere. It can be fleeting, it can be everlasting. Fine Art Photography can be hanging in your home very soon.

Look around at my offerings and see if any of my images bring a smile to your face, or fill you with wonder. They are available in many sizes to fit the space you want to fill. 

They are ready to hang as is but can be framed to match your decor (frames not sold here). If you have questions feel free to contact me.