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One of the major 3D model vendors has a contest going in a forum with a monster theme. I got inspired and created this image with a story.

“All the noise outside was disturbing my nap. I really needed the sleep after a long night of studio work with a diva model who knew nothing about modeling. The noise sounded like a lot of frightened people, so I climbed up on the roof with my camera, hoping to get something good I can sell. I wasn’t ready for this! I forgot all about the “shot” and froze. It saw me. Fear became stupidity when I held up the camera and said “Smile?”. The flash was set to auto, so of course it went off and made “it” angry. Like it wasn’t already destroying everything in it’s path. It headed my way, fast! I jumped to the door and made my way about half way down when the roof came off and I fell to the ground. I’m fairly certain several bones are broken but I don’t think I will get help. It’s looking at me over the wall that used to hold up the ceiling. All I could think of is Van Gogh wasn’t famous until after he died. I better make this a good shot! Continue Reading