Photo Restoration Project

After my mother, Dorothy, passed away last April, I started going through her collection of things, memories, and family photos. She had a habit of putting thumbtacks in EVERYTHING and sticking them to the wall (usually panelling). So there are all of these one-of-a-kind photos with small holes in them, most more than one, that lessen the memory. So my scanner and I, along with my daughter Sara, are starting to scan and restore every photo that we find of worth. This is most of them so far. Some are torn a bit, creased, mangled or just old and faded but I’ve done plenty of restoration and haven’t found much I can’t handle. So it begins. Probably a project that will require moths to years of spare time. But with luck and patience it will be completed. And my 12 year old daughter will learn a lot about restoration of priceless, irreplaceable photos in the meantime. Continue Reading