At The Christmas Tree – A Song

We get strange ideas sometimes at our house. I'm quite often the cause of it, but not all the time. So me and my Daughter Sara were talking about something and this idea popped into my head about making The Hanging Tree (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) ...
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Livin’ the Blues… Guitar

I'm really liking this one. I may have consider making this one into a poster. Now if the guy wasn't so photogenic I would stop posting pics of him ...
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My Family Photo Restoration Project

After my mother, Dorothy, passed away last April, I started going through her collection of things, memories, and family photos. She had a habit of putting thumbtacks in EVERYTHING and sticking them to the wall (usually panelling). So there are all of these one-of-a-kind photos with small holes ...
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MONSTER themed contest

One of the major 3D model vendors has a contest going in a forum with a monster theme. I got inspired and created this image with a story. "All the noise outside was disturbing my nap. I really needed the sleep after a long night of studio work ...
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